Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Winter Tomato Experiment Update

I first posted on the beginnings of my winter tomato experiment here, which at first comprised of a few siberian tomato plants. I added some other tomatoes, such as white tomesol and big rainbow. While the latter two types are growing they are not even at the flowering stage, let alone the fruiting stage. Although here are some pictures of their current state.

As this post from the other day showed the siberians were certainly fruiting, and what's more they were ripening.

Then, last Saturday night, with glass of Sav Blanc in hand, Mr M and I sampled the first fruit off the vine.

It was delicious! So sweet yet tangy and it made me wince like eating a lemon. Yet it was definitely ripe, it smelled and felt and looked intensely red and squishy. I have since eaten two more and there were similarly tangy probably because of the large amount of gel. Not much bigger than a cherry tomato but full of flavour. Bring on summer I say, and the delights of more tomatoes! Pity these particular vines are damaged beyond belief by fungus gnats and associated grossness.


Grace Peterson said...

Hi, It's interesting the multitude of different tomato varieties. This one sounds interesting. Darn fungus gnats!

Dan said...

Congrats on the indoor harvest. Won't be long until your tom's can go outside. When do you start seedlings for the coming summer?

prue said...

Grace - I know, so many different varieties. Do you have a favourite? I keep trapping loads of gnats each day, but they keep on multiplying!

Dan - thanks! I started over a month ago with the seedlings, most didn't germinate. Round 2 was two weeks ago and all have sprouted. I am looking at fitting about 10 varieties in!!! I might put a couple of the indoor ones outside to see how they go.

Alexa said...

Maybe you could intersperse your tomatoes with Venus fly traps!