Friday, August 14, 2009

Red and Ready in the wrong time of the year

Yesterday was a long hard day, tutorials, lectures and ill informed emails galore. I didn't get home till quite late after subjecting myself, at the behest of a good friend, to what amounted to theatrical torture. I was a bit too tired to want to stand and wander around the university following the theatrics (which I couldn't actually follow, which was a shame, I'm smart, but I'm not that smart at that time of day) in cold evening weather. There's a lot I would do for my friends, this one in particular, she is a saint, but when she kindly suggested after an hour (we were told it was a half hour performance) that I take the opportunity to run, I was quick to thank her and bolt. I feel like such a terrible friend but oh well, I did my best. The poor thing texted me a while later saying it was intermission!!! So much for a nice half hour jaunt into the land of student theatre. I think the theatre people should consider the comfort of their audience, outside, standing for a significant amount of time, on stones, in the crisp Melbourne winter air, narrowly avoiding puddles from the earlier rain, but that is my two cents. Shakespeare, outdoors, in the botanic gardens in Summer is one thing, it is approrpriate, understandable and fun. This, well. I hope they find a niche audience and I wish them all the best but I wont be going back to see it anytime soon.

That aside I finally made it home, much later than anticipated and without time to cook a proper dinner, nor by this stage did I have the energy. So I flopped on the couch, quite a theatrical movement in itself I might add. I crawled over to the collection of seedlings in the window, spotting that more of the pineapple, hillbilly and flame tomatoes had managed to sprout, despite the fungus gnat infestation.

That raised a smile, this made it twenty million times bigger.

Did you see it? Do you need a close up?

This, on the first of the indoor tomato experiements is, I do believe, a red tomato! Who cares about being stood out in the cold. Who cares about the tiredness, the aches, the incessant and repetative emails from students who clearly didn't listen in their tutorial. This made my day complete. And in a few days it will also make my dinner plate complete. :)


vuejardin said...

You can have cold air dried tomato.
Good luck on the new generation.

Dot said...

Congratulations Prue! The first of many ;)

prue said...

Thanks for the kind words vuejardin and Dot. I must tell you it tasted tart but delicious! It was shared between two, with a glass of wine on the side. hehehe (funny only because it was just slightly bigger than a cherry tomato)