Friday, August 21, 2009

Testing Gusts

Today is one windy day in Melbourne. I don't know who ate all the baked beans but I wish they would stop. It has caused more than a few headaches for the balcony garden, and seeing as today is a working from home day (and preparation for the big balcony garden Sunday Roast day) I have been here to witness and troubleshoot along the way.

Firstly it had dried out all the pots and while we had about .2mm of rain this is nowhere near enough to sustain potted plants. So while passers by scowled at me I loaded up each pot with my saved water (I save my shower warm up water, veggie washing water, etc). I could see what they were thinking, what's wrong with you girl, we have water restrictions and it is currently sort of raining!?! Well they can play judge all they like, all's fair with recycled water and most folks don't know just how much wind can dry a pot out. Some of them have dried out again already (it's sunny too for periods as well, crazy!!!)

Secondly one of my trellising jobs came unstuck and the poor snow peas were set adrift. Luckily I caught this early and put the stake back in the ground (yes the wind is THAT strong it blew them out of the ground!!!). It still looks really lopsided and each new gusts leads is closer and closer to collapsing again. Finger crossed it holds, this is what it used to look like in better times.

Thirdly one giant gust just blew two potplants off the table! That's two plants, pots, soil and all!!!! These aren't overly heavy but they were by no means the lightest things around. One was damaged beyond repair (the beognia) and the red gazania is not looking too crash hot (excuse the pun.) It should die down soon but in the meantime I'm keeping a close eye on the balcony, whilest cooking meringue cups and soups and more for the balcony fiesta!


Anonymous said...

Those were some strong breezes, that's for sure. :) I hope they didn't wreak too much havoc.

Dot said...

Goodness! That sure is some strong wind you've got there. Lucky you've been home to keep an eye on your lovelies.