Friday, March 25, 2011

Pine Mushroom Season

Last year Pine mushrooms made me make a delightful pasta dish. This year it wasn't much different and the delights went with some other mushroom

and this

and this from the balcony garden

and turned into this.

YUM! I love Pine Mushroom season at the Victoria Markets (even if they are a little expensive.)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crazy Cukes

Before we hit crazy cuke land let's remember what a normal one looks like. This is a usual bush cucumber that I grow.

And here are three of a normal variety that I also grow.

And now there is one crazy cuke - my lovely piggy tail cucumber. Here he is growing, just to prove there was no tampering. His uniqueness was just mother nature having a giggle.

And then, finally, I picked him.

He was enjoyed in a salad both last night and today. Inside him was a sweet and slightly oversized-seed-filled centre, no different to the straight cukes. I love mother nature's little oddities. Any random growings in your gardens this year?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Harvest Monday

I am so so so close to getting the first full draft of the thesis done, but yet so far from the end goal. In the meantime here is what I have been harvesting of late ...

There have been cucumbers, plenty of cucumbers, enough that I have to eat them every day to keep up, but here is just one. I am going to post soon about the world's funniest cucumber which is shaped like a piggies tail but for now it is normal cucumbers.

The seeds were a little big, maybe I left it on there too long, but it is hard to keep up with them. Tasty in a salad.

That was my lunch, these little red lovelies went in something else,

my breakfast!

I have been going through a phase of eating fruit salad in the morning, usually blueberries and rockmelon with whatever else is affordable at the markets. It was lovely to be able to supplement it with my own home grown strawberries.

In the garden harvest there were eggplants and beans, both of which made it into curries.

I am planning on trying salt and pepper eggplant with some of the rest. I have been harvesting chillis to give to friends, basil leaves for lasagnes and silverbeet as needed. Even in this strange weather it seems to be putting out some good food. With more eggplants, the crazy corn possibly beginning to come good and the figs turning colours it might be an interesting harvest next week. For more harvests from around the world pop on over to Daphne's Dandelions.