Sunday, November 28, 2010

Imposter Broccoli

At last I've broken through the business of the final weeks of semester. Chapters are done (though a new one started), paper done and given and divisive as always and all my essays are marked! Now I finally have time to garden ... well at least I would be gardening if it didn't keep raining all the time! It is great that Melbourne is getting rain, but it is so much and all at once, and some trees have started wilting from getting water logged! I can't even get out there to clean up the leaves and things so it is all starting to get a little manky. I will just have to wait and hope.

Today's post is also about waiting. Waiting for Godot, ok not Godot but a little romanesco broccolli. I planted him as a seed so so so long ago in April with a few friends, all of whom got eaten by snails. He was, so to say, the last hope.

He wandered from pot to pot, often not liking the crowded conditions. It was only when he recieved his own pot that he started to grow. Now romanesco is no ordinary broccoli, actually to me it is more like a mutant cauliflower but we won't go there. It is fractally shaped, showing the beauty of nature's patterns in its tasty goodness. Usually they are also a pale green.

Turns out the wait wasn't really worth it. The head started out ok, albeit rather purple.

Then I left it a bit long and it started to grow. I was waiting for the geometric miracle that was never to be.

Now it is all purple and like little heads of broccolini. Each floret grew out instead of in a fractal pattern and it became woody. It is certainly not a romanesco broccoli and it tastes awful. It needs to come out to make way for the plants growing in the spring garden but it does look kind of pretty. Maybe I'll leave it in until the rain stops, my little imposter broccoli.

Have you ever been a little disapointed by a plant? Putting in the time and effort to grow it from seed and nurture it and tend to its every need only to find out it wasn't what the packet said?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers Blooms Day

Well yes, I haven't posted much in the past two weeks and now it is 2 posts in one day, but then again that is what happens when it is garden bloggers blooms day and harvest monday on the same day. What is blooming in the garden at the moment? It has had to withstand some warm weather and some major downpours, and a slight amount of neglect from an overworked postgrad. Still there seems to be some lovely flowers out there at present.

There are some pretty annuals such as pansies and cornflowers and a white succulent

Perennial lanterns just keep on flowering as does the lemon scented geranium

Vegetables and herbs are unfolding in great numbers now too, pumpkins, zukes, purple bush beans, tomatoes and sage.


And the piece de resistance - the orchid, is still blooming!

For more garden bloggers blooms days from around the world head on over to May Dreams Gardens.

Harvest Monday

Oh it has been a busy week or two, but the balcony garden waits for no postgrad. I've been harvesting quite a bit recently included in this is:

1. A bunch of oddly shaped purple carrots
2. 3 full sized zukes weighing in at over half a kilo and 3 small baby zukes which went in salad

3. lettuce almost every day (I love my salads)

4. Several strawberries of various kinds

5. Two little stems of red currants!
6. Sage for various pumpkin dishes
7. Three small eggplants which went into a curry

8. 1 head of garlic which went into a risotto (yes all of it) and 2 small heads of poorly formed garlic.

Harvest Monday looks set to be even better from here on in. Head on over to Daphne's Dandelions for mnore harvest monday madness.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Too blog to tired

Sorry folks, with a thesis chapter due Friday, a paper due Monday and 40 essays to mark by Wednesday I've been awol from this blog.

But when this manic uni mess boils down to a simmer, and I am not too tired to blog, I'll be back with more herb posts, a bumper harvest monday, flower pics from the Spring balcony and more.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Harvest Monday

It wasn't big, but it was there, in my garden, waiting to be devoured. It was, drum roll please, the first zuke of the season. Ok it was a baby zuke with flower, a female one and it seems I have a case of lesbian zucchinis again this year, but that should pass.

Add some lettuce (I harvest at least this amount of lettuce each day)

All I can say was that it was super tasty in my salad, flower, zuke and all! I added korean BBQ chicken later but forgot to take a photo. Oooooops.

And there are plenty more to come! Zukes for all this Spring/Summer.