Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back to the Balcony

And so I'm back, back to Melbourne, back to the balcony garden and back to much more regular blog updates. Despite only being away for two weeks the garden grew in ways I could not have imagined. Some plants stood stock still, others took on triffid-like transformations. The indoor tomatoes were the most surprising of all. This is what they looked like before I left. And this was how they were when I got home!

They are nearly hitting the ceiling, and would you believe it, they had quite a lot of green fruits on them.

Can't believe how well this winter tomato experiment is going. The purple sprouting broccoli was huge also, it seems to be trying to take over the balcony. Let's hope it produces something edible soon, and is not proven to be, as I fear, a year long plant. It's days are numbered as the spring tomato crop will be planted in a couple of months, and they will have to vacate their pots.

Flowers sprung up all over the balcony. From pansies to more snapdragons and violas it really is alive with colour. GBBD July should be fun.

So this is a bit of a picture of how it all looks now. I cleaned up a few things, got rid of the giant sunflower as his height made him a target for strong winds and he was getting tangled everywhere (the flowers are in a vase in the living room.)

After fixing the balcony garden up it was time to enjoy the spoils, and these little treasures went into my first lunchtime salad after my trip. Just divine!

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Dan said...

That is pretty cool that you have tomatoes setting indoors! The purple sprouting broccoli looks great as well. I was planning on grow some this fall but forgot to add it to my seed order. I will have to order again now!