Monday, August 3, 2009

Yellow's time to shine

I don't really mean to repeat myself but that rainbow swiss chard really was a bit more red than purple. Thing is it is also golden (look at the background of the above pic, and the whole of the pic below!)

As are the golden beetroot. Although given how long this guy has been in the ground I suspect he will be all green leaves and no golden root.

The marigolds are of course a brilliant yellow

So too the now ripe lemons (yes there are yellow lemons, green lemons and many many flowers in this potted wonder, it never ceases to amaze me, or to stop flowering, it is the energizer bunnies of citrus trees!)

The gazania is very slowly unfurling a large flower, which is as yellow as they come

Yellow snapdragons are difficult to capture in their almost fluorescent yellow loveliness.

And the indoor tomatoes add a splash of colour with their flowers which round off the golden touch to the balcony garden (unless you count the yellowing and dying leaves of these same indoor tomato plants but we will save that for another post)


Dan said...

It would be great to grow all these plants during the winter! I think I need to move to Australia. Except all those poisonous things, or is that not a problem in urban areas?

Michelle said...

Yellow is such a cheerful color, I would be delighted to have it in my winter garden. That indoor tomato is looking great.

prue said...

Dan - hehe you totally should! Poisonous things??? That's what anti-venom is for. No in the city there is little fear of poisonous things. I grew up with Redback spiders, quite dangerous, but I've never heard of anyone dying from a bite. Wolf spiders too, but again not a problem really. Lots of a sun and water restrictions though. We do have drop-bears though!!! hehe

Michelle - I agree, definitely a smiley colour. My car is yellow too! Yes the flowers and the fruit on the indoor tomatoes are good, it is the rapidly progressing wilt that is the worrying factor.

Dot said...

I am loving your colour series! What a great way to show off your plants =) You have such variety and everything looks beautiful.

Noob question but is your lemon tree a dwarf? If there even is such a thing. I was considering a fruit tree for my own balcony and I think citrus might be my best hope.

prue said...

Hi Dot - glad you are enjoying it, although I am fast running out of colours! I have no idea about my lemon tree, it was a hand me down from a friend. You can definitely get smaller ones and ones menat for pots at the nursery, the person there will probably be able to give you some great advice. Best of Luck

Chandramouli S said...

Wow! My budgies would go made if they visit your garden. They need the Swiss chard, but too bad that we don't get it here :(
Wonderful flowers, Prue!
Nice to be back here. :)

prue said...

Chandramouli! So glad you are back around the blogging scene. Why no swiss chard over there? Wrong growing conditions? weird quarantine rules of funny coloured greens? I'll have to post you some for your budgies :) But the question is would they prefer the yellow, the orange or the red! decisions decisions. Welcome back :)