Saturday, August 1, 2009

Even more blue on the balcony

It was a blue and purple post yesterday, inspired by the blue sky, which, in true Melbourne fashion, turned grey about 3 minutes after I posted! It then swapped between the two types of sky (grey and blue) all day until it went to black at night. In the inbetween hours I managed to pop out and take a few more photographs and found a few more blue and purple bits, which had not been so obvious at the time. It seems the cornflower in the hanging basket have finally decided to flower. Though the wind was so, so, soooooo fierce it was near impossible to get a photograph.

Oh and Miss Lisa, the cornflower in a pot from the last post is your if you want it - didn't realise you were such a fan, I just grew it as a lark and one is enough for me. The foliage in this plant, trying to grow at the base of the cornflower is a lovely shade of purple.

This is a picture of the cornflowers from inside, I missed it in the last post.

The purple sprouting broccoli, while being miles away from actual vegetable output is at least beginning to show signs of purpleness in the stems and main leaves. Probably a little hard to see in these pictures but it is definitely turning.

Ok this this baby swiss chard is more red than purple, but I just love it.

This following picture is blurry, no matter what I did I couldn't seem to get a good one, but these are the new beetroot poking their little heads through. It's almost a miracle they germinated! So exciting.

And last but by very much not least is this little lemon flower(s). Ok so the flower itself is white, but it is tinged with the most magnificent purple.

So many beautiful colours in my winter garden!


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

I love the look of lemon flowers. It is even more beautiful when it is a bud.... the color and the roundness. So nice.

Lets paint the sky blue.... haha.

~ bangchik

Jamie said...

Great work, Prue, keep it up. I really like the colours in silver beet, too – such a handsome plant – and after the lovely lemon flowers, there are the lemon themselves to look forward to!

prue said...

Bangchik, they really are pretty lemon flowers, and they smell amazing. It is about the only thing that attracts bees to the balcony.

Jamie - thanks for the kind words, and yep looking forward to doing something a bit special with the 3 ripe lemons on the lemon tree