Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Roast day flowers from the balcony and beyond

I am yet to post on the Roast from last Sunday, which was a feast of such epic proportions that it needs a post to match its worth. Ok maybe I am going a bit over the top with that one, but it was a pretty awesome day, so thanks to everyone who came along! Alas I am still too tired from the day, and all the marking I am doing at the moment to do the post justice quite yet. Tomorrow, perhaps, hopefully I can show you the wonders of our roasty goodness. But one lovely guest, who once housesat the balcony garden and saved it during a heatwave brought this lovely smelling and looking bouquet fresh from her own garden.

Such lovely flowers! Was the beginning of an awesome day. Another wonderful find on the day was ... nectarine blossom!!!


Chandramouli S said...

Whoa! That looks lovely Prue. Does it really have nectar? I assume that's why it was named so? And of course, does it smell great?

Grace Peterson said...

Hi Prue~~ You're growing a nectarine tree on your balcony garden? Fabulous! A neighbor has a heavy laden apricot tree that I'd like to sneak over to.

prue said...

Hi Chandramouli - nectarine is like a peach, just not furry, so hoping the flowers have nectar and bring the bees in!!! hehe.

Grace - My birthmum gave it to me, and I was worried at first but it looks and smells great, lets hope it actually produces a few fruit! It is actually a nectazee, which is a miniature version. Go steal those apricots, and pretend it was the wildlife!

Shari said...

You don't look too inept to me! Your balconey garden looks healthy. I like the idea of saving your household water to nourish your plants. I take it there's a drought? It's hard to follow Melbourne from Oklahoma! We were dry all summer, then it has rained A LOT in the last few weeks.