Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mushroom Madness or A bit more Yellow

Ok so this picture below did not come from a balcony garden pot, but it was added to some silverbeet and spring onions to form a rather well to do pasta ... and it was yellow, which adds to yesterday's golden post.

This mushroom medley was a concillatory buy on trip to the Vic Markets. I had to resist the Chanterelles I saw at the Organic Shop, at $160 a kilo I couldn't even afford to smell them let alone taste them. They just looked so, so, so good. I actually went back to the shop three times, thinking yes/no/no/god no/oh but yummy/yes/no and ultimately settled for the prepackaged non-chanterelle mushrooms sitting beside them at a slightly more reasonable $6 a box. I think the two people who own the organic stall thought I was mad. Then the guy in front of me weighed the paper bag in which he was going to put his chanterelles, and I realised I wasn't the maddest person in the vicinity. (Ok he was not mad, smart really, and ultra frugal, but weighing a paper bag???)

I know you can get mushroom growing kits, and they have branched out from the old button mushroom to a few more exotic ones like swiss browns (yes, the irony is not lost on me in calling swiss brown mushrooms exotic when chanterelles are named in the same post) but I am just not sure it is worth the effort yet. I have read some posts praising the sweetness and texture of mushrooms grown in a homegrown kit. However my uncle said he grew them a few times and the tield was small and the taste unremarkeable. This might just be a case of when the range at the local Market is so good, and the quality so high, why not draw the line. Homegrown plants on the balcony are one thing, you can look at their beauty all day, and eat them whenever you please, but these mushrooms in their kits need a dank, dark place in which to grow, which limits the amount you can stare at them lovingly. Thoughts?


Dan said...

I grew mushrooms once but that was many years ago when I was young and stupid if you know what I mean.... quite a colourful experience

prue said...

What do you mean when you were young! Last week? hehe. mmmmmmmmm muuusshhhrrrrooomsss (actually that kind don't taste too good)

Dan said...

hmm... about 8 years ago. Still young just not as stupid :-)

prue said...

heheh indeed!

vuejardin said...

Look yummy! I never grow mushroom, but found some wild mushrooms growing on the top of the mulch.