Monday, August 17, 2009

The Radish part two

A few days ago I posted proudly about my single daikon radish sitting in the garden. It had grown extra leafy and I suspected it needed to be eaten. Plus the foliage was shadowing the new little black radishes so I thought it best that I pull it sooner rather than later. This is what he looked like!

He was much bigger than any of the carrots I have grown, maybe because he had an almost adequate amount of space. Now in the shops they are a million times bigger than this, but I never want that much radish. This one was perfect for a very large, and decadent meal for one. I grated the daikon with some carrot and added some greens and coriander from the garden. Thinly sliced some fresh raw sashimi grade salmon to add to the top and dotted it with some soy.

Was extra tasty and also pretty healthy. The daikon acts as a digestive so it all settled quite well. The flavour is very mild, almost creamy. The crispish texture went to well with the soft salmon and greens. I'll have to wait several more months for another home grown one, in fact it will be longer because I am waiting for a pot to become available so I can plant some!


Anonymous said...

I hate to admit my ignorance but I've never heard of this. It sounds tasty and your dinner looks delectable. It does seem like there is never enough space, doesn't it?

Dan said...

Your dish looks excellent. I think I need to try growing some daikon next year. I am growing black radish this fall, do you have the round or long rooted one?

prue said...

Grace - not ignorance at all, half the time I don't even know what I am planting!!! It is very tasty and mild, it tends to be served in Japanese places over here with Sashimi salad or sushi. Although a true daikon is many times larger than mine!

Dan - thanks, it did taste rather fine too! Daikon are great, very mild, which works for this not big radish fan. I am growing the round black radishes, and you?