Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Indulgent Leftovers

A little while back Mr M and I had a feast of sorts, which we shared with Hurricane J. Our other friend Miss J was away and she has an interesting array of allergies. While the cat was away the mice decided to play, and play with things the cat could never eat. Dessert was a blood orange creme caramel (substitute milk or cream with orange juice, it is a total winner) as eggs and oranges are high on the allergy list. Main course was Mr M's cuban stew, which included prawns amongst an array of other meaty and vegetable things.

My other dish (I made the blood orange creme caramels) was an entree inspired by the overhyped, but occasionally watched show masterchef. It was a smoked salmon terrine, rich and delicate. The recipe is here, but I certainly didn't do a full size. I quartered it, and made serious modifications. I served it with a simple green salad from the garden, no walnut dressing or poncey microgreens. I am on a student budget here so overt decadence was out of the question.

On the night it was lovely, but I severely over-catered and was left with a second small terrine. What to do? The answer was easy, replicate the greens, add some other salad veggies and enjoy an indulgent Sunday night leftover feast.

Suffice to say it was delicious but ooooh so filling and overly rich. I mean the night before we only had 3 slices each!


vuejardin said...

That's how I survived grad school tight budget and slim diet!

Grace Peterson said...

Such talent. I envy you cooks. It must have been a fun evening.