Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cooking with Leeks

Ok so these weren't homegrown leeks as in this post but shortly after boasting in my post about the abundance of leeks on the balcony I realised I had one sorry looking little leek in the bottom of my fridge. Somehow I got the master idea of putting it on a freshly baked focaccia. I finely chopped some bacon with the leek and sauteed them both in a frying pan. Then I added it to the foccacia recipe - I used a variation of this one - it was an interestingly salty but tangy bread treat. It looked like this.

Being a household of one I had to eat it for days. Warm out of the oven, for lunch with some cheese, as a bready side to a meaty, veggie, gravy dish in my cool little four-compartment lunchbox (although I do think they should have seperate lids, if I hadn't had the forethought to indepdently glad wrap the gravy sodden peas and the yoghurt covered stewed apples I would have had an almighty mess in my bag!)

I made a few mistakes, firstly the topping tended to fall off. This can be fixed by adding some cheese or, alternatively, placing the filling in the middle. This way it would also stop it from burning. I am tempted to make this as a side for Sunday's Balcony Garden Roast. What do you think? What else can you do with leeks?

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