Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Harvest

I am so, so, so excited, I finally had harvest worth mentioning. Ok so this is probably going to include a couple of harvests from a little over a week ago too, but it is not often in the middle of winter I get a haul such as this and I don't want things to miss out just because I pulled them out early. One such fellow was the daikon radish. He was smaller than a usual daikon but really really tender.

I also pulled out enough veggies for this salad.

Carrot thinnings, which I ate, they were like little lollies, slyly addictive! So yummy.

And some snow peas and broccoli found their way into my meal one night.

All very small harvests. I don't keep tallies or totals or anything, except for the tomatoes, and the balcony garden is not a money saving venture nor a concerted attempt at sustainable living, it is simply an adventure, an adventure in gardening. The reason I had such a large harvest this week(ish) was due to a Sunday Roast we had here yesterday, the point of which was to show off my newly harvested goodies. I had leeks for the potato and leek soup, although when cut down there wasn't really enough of them so they were topped up with a couple of others from the markets.

Some greens which included snow peas, broccoli, beetroot leaves, silverbeet of plain and rainbow varieties and rocket. These were steamed and served as is.

Carrots for the salad.

Tomatoes for the salad.

And lettuce for the salad.

Stay tuned for my post about the roast and you will see what the salad looked like before we all attacked it. I took the last two lemons off the lemon tree for the dessert, deconstructed lemon meringue pie, but more on that feast later.

So there you have it, a pretty fine harvest if I do say so myself. And I am giddily excited that I finally get to join in on Daphne's Dandelions Monday Harvest extravaganza.


Daphne said...

Congrats on your harvest. I can't even think about harvesting in winter. I just have to look a the ice and dream of what might be in the coming year. Every March I impatiently wait for the ground to thaw and read a lot of southern hemisphere gardening blogs :>

Emily said...

That's quite a harvest for a balcony garden. I would have never thought of growing leeks in containers.

Ottawa Gardener said...

Lovely and yummy looking too. Colourful carrots are always so fun to pull aren't they.

Dan said...

Wonderful balcony harvests!

Jamie said...

Nice harvest, Prue. PLUS ... you get bonus points for doing it all on a little balcony, and even more bonus points because you're doing it in Melbournia, where it's meant to be too damn chilly in winter.

One of these days you'll have to do a 'how my balcony has grown' blog, comparing how things were back when you started and your productive little patch now. I'm sure you're inspiring lots of balcony gardeners!

prue said...

Thanks for the kind words everybody!

Daphne - it was just so fun to finally join in on harvest Monday! No ground freezing here, it is very mild.

Emily - thanks, leeks are hard in containers, but they work, so long as you remember to pile up the soil and blanch them!

Ottowa Gardener - colourful carrots are the best, I had so many comments about them at the roast

Dan - thanks!

Jamie - thanks for the idea - that would make an awesome post, because it really has come a very long way since the first few herbs and lemon stick (it wasn't a tree then.) Winters are getting a little milder here, global warming???