Friday, October 2, 2009

Zucchini Additions

The planting of the tomatoes in the balcony garden for spring has already begun, as you saw in this post. However this summer, due to the weird wilt from last summer, I decided not to only plant tomatoes but to mix it up a little with cucumbers and zucchini. The cucumbers only germinated a day ago (took 3 weeks!) and the pot destined for zucchini seeds currently houses one of the purple sprouting broccolis so it isn't ready for seeding just yet. And we all know the dilemma I faced with the PSB, to pull or not to pull. Two remained in the garden, and two went to live at my cousin's house. As for zucchinis I did, however, on impulse (my usual method of purchasing) buy a yellow zucchini seedling while at the nursery a while back. And here it is happily nestled into the garden in one of the pots that used to house the indoor tomato experiment (I decided to teminate all bar one pot of those plants early due to fungus gnat infestation.)

While away Mr M took great care of my balcony garden, and when I came back there were two things I noticed:

1. two baby yellow zucchinis with baby female flowers and requisite male flowers nearby on the zucchini plant !
2. a head of purple sprouting broccoli on the broccoli plant!

Excitementing plus! Photos will follow shortly, I am just waiting for a day when we actually get some sun!


Matron said...

Just goes to show that you really can grow stuff to eat in the smallest of spaces! Brilliant!

Lisa said...

Are you going to stake your zucchini?

prue said...

Matron - hehe you sure can! Though sometimes it grows bigger than you expect.

Lisa - Probably not, though I am staking/trellising the cucumbers. Considering getting another zucchini for the other large spare pot.

Lisa said...

Well, if you don't stake, I won't either.