Sunday, September 6, 2009

Purple on the balcony again

A while ago I did a random series in colours on the balcony. Purple featured here and here. The purples on the balcony have certainly not faded with the onset of spring. The purple sprouting broccoli is getting purpler by the day! The veins of the leaves are a deep royal purple, same with the shoots, but something my camera seems unable to capture adequately.

I took two of these over to my cousin's house in the countryside and let them go free range in the ground (no pots for these two, unlike their life in the balcony garden.) I managed to inspect them today and they were both looking very healthy and dare I say it, even more purple than their balcony brethren!

The small pot of petunias is a very deep purple, again not anywhere near perfect when photographed. I think I might need to upgrade the camera at some point, it has been dropped one too many times!

The lavender is blooming wildly. I used to have two of these but I gave one to a good friend because it was getting too big for the balcony garden. This one stayed and it is subtely pinker than a usual lavender, but not too pink to not still be purple! Making sense???

And there were purple carrots to finish off this petite purple post. They have yellow and white brothers, but all are equally tasty (though nuanced)


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Tried broccoli once. But Kakdah cut off the shoot for fried menu, and therefore missed the chance to see the bloom. Will definitely try again, especially seeing your beautiful plant!... Yes, the main vein has a royal touch to its color.

Anonymous said...

Hi~~ Some plants, like your broccoli, definitely rival any flower in terms of color and beauty.

My camera also has trouble with blues and purples. I think it's a universal problem unless you've got a commercial-grade camera. Even then it might be an issue. I'm thinking of some of the professional photos I've seen in magazines and catalogs. The colors are not accurate at all.

Still, nice purples in your balcony garden. Love the lavender especially. I have trouble getting this one to winter over successfully. A lesson in futility that I will likely engage in again and again because it's such a great plant.