Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Tomatoes for the Balcony Garden

I have left the balcony garden in Mr M's very capable hands while I spend a week with my parents at home in Adelaide. I love visiting Adelaide because it gives me a chance to garden with Mum and the family's two spaniels. However, I have promised a post on the new tomatoes planted this spring on the balcony garden. There are plenty more to come but as for the early planting here is the proof - several varieties in seedling form, growing and waiting for their chance to get a spot on the balcony.

Already there are 2 Aunt Ruby's German green, one planted in a double planter with a much smaller flame tomato, the other in its own pot.

I also have a black russian and a green zebra, planted together.

A tigerella in its own pot.

And a generic beef steak in its own pot.

I aim to get another black russian, green zebra and tigerella but substitute a mortgage lifter for the beefsteak and plant them in a month. This should stagger the harvest a little and work around the summer heat in varying ways. I also have two red tumbler tomatoes planted in the hanging pots by the glass, and two yellow tumblers in the high up hanging pot. Two more will be added to the currently flower-filled hanging pots.

Hopefully lots of tomatoes will be coming my way this Summer!


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Lovely plants, and healthy looking too. There will be lots of tomato this summer!

How I wish to start growing tomato sooner!.. haha.

Sunita said...

Wow! That's a lot of tomatoes. And they all look so healthy! I envy your being able to get named cultivars. Here in Mumbai (and most of the rest of India) we get packets marked "tomato" and that's it! There's no further info. In a way it makes the whole growing process more exciting, I suppose. Like a blind date. You never know what exactly you're going to end up getting :D

Michelle said...

Oh what joy, tomato seedlings! Aunt Ruby's is one of my all-time favorite tomatoes. You're going to have a great harvest round about the time that I'll be nurturing next year's seedlings and dreaming of a juicy garden fresh tomato... But right now I'm awash is tomatoes and loving it.

Dan said...

Your plants look great! Can't wait to watch them grow during our dreaded winter.

prue said...

Bangchik - thanks! When do you get to start growing tomatoes?

Sunita - such a shame you don't get variety. Can you order in and grow from seed or are there quarrantine restrictions?

Michelle - I have never tried Aunt Ruby's so I am very excited, and your talking up of them is only making me more excited!

Dan - knowing how your winters get I promise I'll never whinge about ours again, although we are having a cold surge atm, and it is like 13 degrees, heheh.