Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Carry on Carrots

As stated earlier this week, the tomatoes came in and the carrots went out. Half the carrots went into a lovely bolognaise on Saturday night (which went with homemade sweet potato gnocchi, very delicious.) The others have been supplementing the salads in my meals of late. One of the loveliest was this smoked salmon salad.

Each day I take leftovers with a side salad. The carrots went well in there (and the snow peas, broccoli and silverbeet made the risotto a treat)

I still have two pots with five or six yellow and purple carrots in them each. They will be gone by the weekend to make way for two more tomatoes (existing homegrown seedlings this time!!!)


ATW said...

That looks great!! Over the past year I have really been eating alot of raw veggies. I wonder if its to late to start carrots?

Dan said...

Yum mo Prue! Sweet potato gnocchi sound excellent.

prue said...

ATW - Raw carrots are so yummy. I am sad that mine are close to running out. Never too late to start carrots, unless there is snow then it might be a bit difficult!

Dan - Sweet potato gnocchi IS excellent, want me to email the recipe? It's in the Women's Weekly Australian cookbook

Dan said...

Sure, I would love the recipe. I have some sweet potatoes in the fridge I could use.