Thursday, October 8, 2009

This week's vase

Purple, white and lemon thyme were the themes for this week's posy.

These flowers were not so good as cut flowers but for the few days they lasted they gave colour and fragrance to the living room.


Grace Peterson said...

These look lovely, Prue. Next to me, I've got some of what I'm afraid are the last roses of the year. They really do lift the spirits, don't they?

Lisa said...

Hey, we ran a story on which plants work as cut flowers for longest, did you want me to send it to you?

prue said...

Grace - Thanks! Ohhh I love roses, I wish I had some on the balcony. I bet they make the place smell lovely. Flower inside are the best, and you are right they totally lift the spirits.

Lisa - sure email it my way (uni email is best.) Alas I am restricted to what I grow on the balcony, which is mostly softy flowers, though I could fork out the money and buy some cut flowers for myself (in lieu of having any significant other half to surprise me with some, then again when they buy you flowers doesn't that mean they've done something really naughty?)