Monday, October 12, 2009

Daniel Kitson and the performative plants

Daniel Kitson, a UK comedian who has the ability to make me giggle to the point of breakage was in town last night and Miss J and I were lucky enough to see him, front row no less for his final show in this run. The show this time was entitled 'We are Gathered Here'. Sometimes Kitson raves about words, the content of words, a kind of semantic ramble interspersed with autobiographical anecdotes that he crafts into humerous moments, . Othertimes he pulls out his inner slightly foul-mouthed alter ego and cracks anatomy jokes, mostly a particular part of his anatomy, though always for a reasonably higher purpose (pun probably not intended.) It is in these shows, such as last night's where he manages to seamlessly put existentialist idealism and the phrase 'crack a woody' in the same sentence. Gold, well at least this psuedo-academic, wannabe-gardener thinks so. His topics last night were intetwined but mostly followed these two themes:



Can you work out what they were? The first one was death. Grim sounding topic for a comedy show but as usual the mix of intellectual lyricism and anecdotal humour paid off. The second, well it wasn't zucchini but a more abstract representation made by zucchini. If you are not sure then check out this post for more clarification! Thanks for a great night Daniel Kitson, and see you next time.

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