Tuesday, October 27, 2009

While I Was Away

Sorry for the delay in posting. I spent a vigorous weekend down at Wilson's Prom and needed some time to recover. I thought holidays were supposed to be relaxing! Still the scenery was lovely and so was the beach house, the food and the company. I'll post the pictures from there sometime soon.

The balcony garden was neglected while I was away but given the reasonably cool but sunny days it managed to survive (though quite wilted by the time I got back.)

One amazing thing did happen while I was away - the lego people renovated! They now have a swimming pool, a kebab guy on the balcony, a sweeping staircase, a garage and a front garden!

If they can upgrade to a cool house, maybe I can upgrade to camera that isn't blurry!

1 comment:

Grace Peterson said...

Nice new digs for the Lego folks. Maybe one of your favorite people will surprise you with a new camera for Christmas. Time to start hinting. :)