Monday, October 5, 2009

Baby pictures on the balcony

As promised here are the pics of the little zucchinis and the new head of purple sprouting broccoli on the balcony garden.

The are still just babies in size, but I can't wait until they are ready. The post on pots, bases, and dirt minimising in a container garden is in the process of being finished, just got to get my camera out and film the damage/evidence/useful bits. So too the post on carrots, harvests and more is on its way. if only there were more hours in the day and less thesis writing to be done!


Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

Yay! I've never grown zukes because my neighbor's kids ride their bikes back and forth in from of my patio and would almost certainly ride right over the vines. Hopefully I'll be moving soon and be able to grow them. Have you learned any tips or tricks when it comes to growing them in a container?

prue said...

Fern, hehe I've never grown them either! All I can say is use a really, really, big pot!

Dan said...

Cool broccoli! I never did order that purple sprouting broccoli, I'll have to try it next spring. In the mean time I can watch yours grow ;-)