Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Balcony Garden at Present

I thought it was about time for a full length shot of the balcony just to show it off in its newly planted spring glory. Yes, yes, I know I need to give it a good sweep, and there are still a few plants to go but it is coming along nicely.

2 purple sprouting broccoli (one is hiding round the corner)
3 cucumbers
1 Zucchini with one more on the way
Lemons on the lemon tree, nectarines in the nectarine tree
Succulent corner is content
16 full size tomato plants and 6 tumblers and counting!


Dot said...

Everything looks beautiful and lush! You probably don't get this alot, but I'm so jealous of your space. lol. You've made good use of it too.

Dan said...

Things are really filling in. The purple sprouting broccoli looks very healthy. Can't wait to see all your tomatoes fruiting.

prue said...

Dot - hehe i don't but I definitely appreciate the sentiment. It does keep it confined and relatively easy to manage.

Dan - They sure are - only a few more spring plants to go. The PSB takes ages but tastes good. Tomatoes are beginning to fruit, but the camera is not co operating!

Jamie said...

That looks like a wonderfully sunny spot, Prue, and everything looks so healthy, too. Balcony gardeners everywhere are probably thinking just like Dot does!

Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

When are you going to change your name to "The Gardener Formerly Known as Totally Inept Balcony Gardener?"

Kate said...

I'm with Fern.

This is proof positive that you are far from being an 'inept' gardener.

I didn't think about it until I came to visit you but you're starting the garden season, aren't you? Over here, I have nothing to look forward to until the snows melt next May... :((

Melinda said...

Looks good - great use of space!

prue said...

Fern and Kate - hehe thanks for the vote of confidence, but apart from loving the new irony of the name, I really feel I don't know much about gardening yet, and indeed there is always some new challenge to overcome. That and I reckon luck isn't the same being apt. :) And yep, Kate, we are just starting Spring here (well one and a bit months in) so the season is only beginning!

Melinda - thanks! I've been playing with heights this week and the garden is looking even better (and slightly easier to navigate)

Lynne said...

How do you keep your potted plants in such good condition. Despite my best efforts, my outdoors potted plants either die of heat (no shade for them, despite religiously watering - I suspect the water just cooks the roots), or the tougher ones bolt too fast.

prue said...

Lynne - You should see them at the end of summer, very worse for wear and crispy brown! Plastic pots seem to help, ones which have inner water saving wells, and I use a motto of 'if it doesn't survive on the balcony garden then it wasn't worth it in the first place'! On 40+ degree days the more vulnerable ones come inside and the others get moved into the only tiny part of shade I have. Hope this helps, but I am thinking their survival is slightly a miracle at this point.