Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hot Stuff

Mum's garden is not just greens as shown in yesterday's post. It is good with the red, the fiery red, a couple of interesting and different chilli bushes. The first I have posted about before, it is some scotch bonnet chillis. These are hot if you eat them off the bush, but if you cook them the heat seems to disappear somewhere. The first two are pictures of the giant bush planted in the ground while the last is in a pot, obviously.

The other chillis are these lovely thai ones, which are super, super, super hot.

What other colour things can I find in this hometown garden?


Stephanie said...

Hello Prue, this is definitely hot stuff but it is very popular here in Malaysia. We take a lot of chillies in out diet. Very nice chillies you have here. Nice to know you. Happy gardening!

vuejardin said...

Nice hotty, now we know where you get your gardening skills ;)