Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flipping, Swimming Flies

The indoor winter tomato experiment is rolling on its merry way, with some lovely looking fruits forming.

Only problem is the lush greens attract more than just myself to their beauty - they bring in the flies. Flipping, horrible flies. The flies grew in number as the plants grew in size. Then one day I stumbled upon a solution that didn't involve buying chemical-laden fly traps or anything more than what I normally had in the kitchen. I was enjoying a chai latte, from a mix left behind graciously by lovely second awesome balcony sitter but never managed to finish it. As usual I forgot about the cup and came back two days later to a spotted looking milky mess. Upon closer inspection I realised that the flies flew in, but not being the best swimmers, had drowned! A modified version using milk, water and sugar was placed by the window. At the beginning it looked like this.

One day later it looked like this.

I've been changing them daily, usually because I never finish my tea in time before I have to run off to uni and the fly colony has significantly decreased. As long as the flies don't get swimming lessons any time soon, we should be set with this method. What is your fly removal method?


Dan said...

Looks like fungus gnats, annoying little flies aren't they. I get them in the winter sometimes to in potted plants. The drowning method does work well. You can also spray the soil with soapy water as well. Just a couple drops of dish soap in a spray bottle will do. I think the soap either suffocates them or removes oils thus drying them out.

Dot said...

What a great idea! I've got those pesky little flies aswell, will definately give your remedy a try =) I've tried spraying with soapy water, as per Dan's comment, with little success. Thanks for sharing.