Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pretty Purple Petunias

Pretty purple petunias on an outdoor table. I would like to take that aliteration much further but alas an outdoor table doesn't quite use as many p's to be of use. However on Mum and Dad's outdoor table you will usually find a plant of sorts, and at this point in time (at least when I took the photo) these pretty purple petunias were in pride of place (ahhhhliteration, i did it!)

Unfortunately the coldish weather and sheer volumes of rain didn't help this guy and he had to be moved to more sheltered surroundings. Is the petunia even a winter flower? I know Mum has something freakish going on in her garden, what with tomatoes flowering midwinter and the biggest herb collection known to man (I don't mean range wise, I mean size wise, those sage and rosemary bushes are the size of triffids!) Wonder what other surprises await me, and I also wonder when I am going to go back to my balcony garden, which is not enjoying the gale force winds apparently! Thank god for totally awesome second balcony sitter to battle the odds. Oh and now the petunias are gone, guess what I found lying on the table ... this guy!

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vuejardin said...

It is blooming season for Petunias here, I have white flowers at home, but parents blue Petunias are much more prettier. We visited the Natural Science Museum and saw a real whale with very interesting story, you can see it here: