Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tomatoaholics Anonymous

Tomatoes, tomatoes tomatoes!!! Everyone is posting about them. Little balls of coloured yumminess are springing up in everyones' gardens and being placed in various culinary styles on plates across the places experiencing Summer.

Dan over at Urban Veggie Garden Blog had this encompassing post, then followed it up with scrumptious harvest pictures of his tomatoes. Sooooooooooo Jealous!!!

The Suburban Gardener is so flush with the fruity things they're practically giving them away. Ok not giving them away, but making juice and other such yummy concoctions out of them.

Skippy's Garden is beginning to put the littlies out.

The Cottage Garden got the first full sized one a long time ago.

Amira's were a long time coming, but the redness of the Romas is certainly present in this post.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens, whose full sized tomatoes are a little slow in emerging is at least writing about them, and will get them soon, I am sure. And at least she is getting some cherry tomatoes

Hanna's tomato tastings are delayed too, sounds like some of you have some tough weather over in the other hemisphere. But one day they will be here and again I'll be reminded that many of you are enjoying the goodness of summer's divine little homegrown red fruits (and yellow and green and purple and orange and ...)

Even food blogs are not leaving me alone, with mouth watering temptations like this post on heirloom tomatoes at Seasaltwithfood.

Are there any I missed? If so post links in the comments.

But here in Southern Australia we are wallowing in Winter. Ok so 15 degree relatively sunny days are not too hard to deal with, and most would call them a pleasant day, but there have been some morning frosts and the heater has been getting a bit of a work out in the evenings. And it is not that I don't have tomatoes, yellow, red and orange cherry tomatoes are in abundance at the markets. But it is just not the same. The winter indoor tomato experiment is toddling along nicely (refer to the picture above), but I am not a very patient person and all those blog stories of tomatoes make me want my own home grown ones now! Keep up the pictures of the tomatoes at all costs please fellow bloggers, I beg of you as they give me the fix I so sorely need. Is there a tomatoaholics anonymous anywhere in Melbourne? If so, please point me in its general direction, with a black russian or mortgage lifter in hand for good measure.


Autumn Belle said...

My dear, you really really love tomatoes! But your tomato plant is doing well, even in winter. I have never grown a tomato plant in my whole life. Since almost everyone at Blotanical is talking about tomatoes, I think I'll try it in my next project. You all make it sound so easy.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

I grow tomato twice. One last year, the other this year. Hmmm, not tomatoaholics yet i guess. I am considering growing some soon.

~ bangchik

Kalena Michele said...

Tomatoes rock! I can't wait for this weekend because I get to go back to the garden to see all the redness. Hopefully the really red ones have been picked. My dog Oscar snatched two of them straight off the vine last weekend and ran around with them like they were his tennis balls. lol Great post and thanks for the shout-out!!

Dan said...

That is a lot of tomato posts! I am all out of ripe tomatoes now and most green ones are at least two weeks from ripening. On a better note, my cherry tomatoes are finally starting to ripen.

prue said...

Autumn Belle - hehe yeah I kinda really do, I talk about them way too much! Definitely try and grow tomatoes, they really are pretty easy. Best of Luck

Bangchik - twice is more than some! Depends on what varieties they are but some are very addictive

Kalena Michele - Hope there were some goodies in the garden for you. Hehehe funny to see you dog likes playing with them, my parent's dogs get scared by vegetables!

Dan - I think there was more too, but I just picked the posts that were visible at the time. Yay for the cherry tomatoes ripening. Inspired by your BLT I am running down to the Vic Markets (I live all of 100 metres away) to find top quality bacon and tomatoes and am making one of my own! Yum (at least the lettuce will be homegrown)

Daphne said...

Well six months from now we will be in the same position as you are now. We will be drooling over your tomatoes as we are huddled inside.

My last tomato update was about a week ago.