Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Blooms Day - July

Here it is again, Garden Bloggers Blooms Day! What is blooming in the middle of winter in the balcony garden??? Not much! Ok there are quite a few things about to bloom and there are some lovely winter and not so winter flowers. The violas are sitting pretty in one of the hanging pots.

And they are keeping the red snapdragons company.

The white snapdragons are also rather pretty. They are keeping the blue/purple pansy company, although the pansy himself is being camera-shy.

Most of the marigolds are shriveled but this one is still flowering well. Unfortunately he is not coping with his job in fending off the aphids.

This cornflower is beautiful but also a bit confused. Instead of growing up he grew across! More heads are on the way so should be plenty of blue flowers soon.

I have another of these blue cornflowers in a hanging pot, and he is growing normally. No flowers as yet but you can see the bud at the top of the picture so one is definitely on the way.

I can also spy one head of red geranium poking through despite the cold.

Alas the sunflower is not technically on the balcony anymore, infact it is more an inside job now, sliced and diced and placed in a vase. Nice while it lasted but 2.5 metres was just to unwieldy for the balcony garden.

Also inside the winter tomato experiment is flowering merrily.

As for other veggies? The snow peas are flowering magnificently, hopefully get to harvest some more soon!

And there you have it, garden blogger blooms day for this July from the balcony garden


healingmagichands said...

You are far from inept! I don't know what I would do if I was confined to a balcony garden, but I imagine it would look a lot like this.

Looks like you are going to be enjoying tomatoes in a while.

Vickie said...

Good job! I love the funny cornflower. They will not be denied, just like gardeners who need a place to plant. = )

Michelle said...

Lovely blooms! I'm really impressed by your indoor tomato - it sure looks happy.

prue said...

healingmagichands - I hope the tomatoes ripen, might have to hope for sun or crank up the heater! If only everyone with a balcony would grow just one plant

Vickie - hehe I never knew that about cornflowers, they were just in a random blue seed mix. They were also the only ones that really thrived. Lovely analogy too :)

Michelle, thanks, they are big and healthy at the top but some disease is creeping through, goodness knows what but given they only get a few hours of direct sunlight I am not surprised.

Rosemarie said...

I love the sunflowers!

heirloomgardener said...

Great cornflower!

Sylvana said...

Have you tried the dwarf sunflowers?
I am impressed by the indoor tomato. Very nice.

prue said...

Thanks Rosemarie and Heirloomgardener, I think they are (well were) pretty special too

Hi Sylvana - hehe surprisingly these were dwarf sunflowers, well supposed to be, maximum 1 metre tall. I guess I just did something right/wrong/different and they shot right up!