Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Unleashing my Inner Rabbit

When I visited Mum and Dad a few months ago I convinced Mum to plant carrots. Heirloom carrots, of multiple colours. They grew a lot quicker than mine, and my folks have enjoyed red, orange and white carrots for sometime. That was until I came home. With a tendency to eat salad with every meal I went through those carrots (and the holy cos lettuce) until one day ... ooops ... there were none left! I managed to find one hidden in the ground with only a small amount of leaves left on it (hidden carrot) but that was it. They tasted absolutely delicious!

Now to try and convince Mum to grow some more. I've already promised to bring back some bush bean seeds next time I am here. But more carrots, now that would be lovely!


donna said...

Is your "inner rabbit" the one who has been eating my sneezeweed plants that WERE just about to bloom? Mmmmmmm! Carrots...they look good and they taste good.

Michelle said...

If your mum is like my mom, she would like you to visit more often. Perhaps if she grew more carrots you might find more opportunities to make the trek. ;) (hint hint Mum!)

prue said...

Donna - hehe yes it was me, well actually I'm not sure, what IS sneezeweed? It sounds like something out of a Roald Dahl book!

Michelle - Hehe I'd love to visit my Mum more often, alas I live 800Kms away which make weekely visits hard to do. (but more carrots would entice me for sure!)