Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Germination Station

Spring is just around the corner, if by just around the corner I mean a month and a half away but with the recent sunny days one could be forgiven for thinking that the springtime goodness was sneaking back into the grounds of Melbourne a tad early. The clouds and greyness of today combats that theory but it was nice while it lasted.

Given that weather and the date I felt it was high time to plant out my first crop of seeds, indoors by the sunny window of course. Last week the germination station was created. In this pot of 6 we have five varieties of tomato and one chili. I even bothered to label them this time! The tomatoes are Purple Cherokee, Aunt Ruby's German Green, Lime Green, Amana Orange and Pineapple. The chili is a White Habanero, something I have been eager to grow since I found the seeds.

Fingers crossed the sunny afternoons help bring on germination, although I am now one week in and apart from some disturbing looking mold on one of the wooden sticks I am no closer to germination. One single Aunt Ruby's German green has popped his/her head up to say hello. Not warm enough? Mix too rich? Too cold, even inside? Hmmmmmm. Might have to try again! I have bought some more seeds for just such an eventuality ...


Dan said...

Good luck with your seedlings. The tomatoes should come up no problem. The chili will probably take a while but should sprout at room temperature (20c) without any issues.

Lisa said...

That's so funny - after this winter, I have decided that there needs to be something just like a "germination station" at Casa Lisa-and-Jason, because you wouldn't believe it - we came back and several SOMETHINGS that I'd planted have sprung up - and I have no idea what they could possibly be.

One is possibly mint, thought it doesn't taste like it, and the other is possibly cornflowers - and I have no idea what the other is, but it's turned up in the right sorts of places, so I must have simply forgotten planting it.

From now on, I'm going to germinate in specific pots, not straight into the ground - and I'm going to put up signs, indicating what I planted!!!

My grandmother possibly sneakily planted something, she does that. Did I tell you, that I dropped off my pot plants with her before I went away? Well, I came back from my trip, and went to collect my pots from her, to find that she'd replaced my chives with a tomato plant: they were dying before I left, and I assume that the cold spell finished them off (like my basil).

I can picture it: I imagine that she was so concerned that I'd be upset about it, that she pulled their carcasses all up and put in new soil, and one of her random tomato plants that popped up (she composts a lot, and so random plants pop up all over her garden, sometimes she doesn't even notice until one of us points them out to her) to make up for their deaths.

She's so funny...

prue said...

Dan - thanks, we are up to two Aunt Ruby's German and counting, but that is it so far. I might have to make sure to use the heater more. The room heats up everyday with sunlight so I usually don't have to bother (or else I like it cooler, I ma not sure which). Chili certainly aint showing its little leaves yet :(

Lisa - This story is classic. Heheh maybe they are 'special plants!' Oh wow I wish I had a grandma like yours, she sounds so lovely. Alas I have no grandmas left! Hopefully it is an awesome tomato.

Only two germinations here so far, think it might be a bit cold and a bit early and not enough sun, despite the lovely sunny days!

Anyway see you Saturday - shopppppiiingggg