Friday, April 17, 2009

The Veggie Patch Down South

Yesterday I trawled through the pics of my Aunt and Uncle's lovely flowers (and the ones that come through from their neighbour's side). Now is the piece de resistance - the veggie patch. I am always in awe when i venture down to their beach house. They have 3 raised veggie patches, which they mostly installed by themselves. They are over a metre off the ground and each a good size. He has three, so he can rotate crops, and also a potato patch up the back.

In one there were giant beetroots. I brought him a couple of baby golden and white ones from my balcony garden, but they were tiny compared to these.

Bush beans were lined up alongside the beetroot.

Silverbeet grew in another, looking extra tasty for a cold autumn meal.

The third had herbs - a rosemary to rival my mother's!

While I was there he also planted parsnip seeds and carrot seeds, though wished a little they were the crazy coloured carrot seeds like in my garden. They also have a lovely little herb pot, which sections off each little herb to give is a good run. I keep looking for these (usually strawberry) pots in the nursery but seem to never find them.

And last but by very much not least, I cannot post on the back veggie garden without this ubiquitous aussie icon that featured right next door to it (and in the neighbour's garden) the hills hoist. Imagine coming outside to hang your washing, and looking over these lovely veggies and flowers. Great work Aunt and Uncle!


Dan said...

Very nice. Having high raised beds would be great. Looks like there is a lot of water in the distance.

I used to have one of those strawberry pots that I got at a police auction. I imagine some drunk kid must have stole it and been caught? I had it on the front porch until the paper guy accidentally kicked it over. I've looked for another but it seems they are not that easy to find.

Anonymous said...

A vegetable garden can be every bit as beautiful as a flower garden. What a great set up with the raised beds and strawberry pot.

Chandramouli S said...

Wow! All the veggies look fresh and healthy, Prue. I'm sure your Aunt and Uncle are fine gardeners - I see where those gardener traits of yours come from.

Lisa said...

Wait til you see OUR Hills's slightly CROOKED

Sam said...

That's a great raised veggie patch! Though I'm still amazed at the amount of tomatoes you were able to grow on your balcony this year.