Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cosmic and Dragon Purple carrots

As we battle on from post 100 I realised that there was a photo contained within it that had not previously been printed. This post is to rectify that, and to expand upon my newfound obsession (I seem to have a new one every day!) ... purple carrots. I planted two varieties a few months ago at the end of the summer heatwave. One was cosmic purple, the other purple dragon, both promising purple carroty goodness. For the past few weeks I have been harvesting small purple carrots.

I should let them grow bigger but I simply love eating them,and showing them to guests so each time someone visits or I get peckish another carrot bites the dust. I've already cleared one pot, which now houses snow peas! One pot to go, and the number of those reamining has now hit single digits. At least I proved that you can grow full size carrots in a pot! My favourite is to put them in salads, like this one here. Carroty yumminess!

People at uni have been most amused by my 'oddly coloured carrots' in my lunchbox. I have now planted yellow carrots and white carrots and more purple carrot in the hope they will provide me with a lovely autumn/early winter harvest of colourful goodness. I got into a conversation in the lift at uni the other day with a woman about white carrots. She thought I had confused them with parsnips, but I assured her I wasn't mistaken and that indeed you could get white carrots that were not parsnips in disguise. I should hunt her down when they grow bigger and give her one. In the meantime can anyone elighten me on the taste of white, or yellow carrots? Are they very different to their purple or orange counterparts?


Chandramouli S said...

I never knew there were purple carrots! I thought they were some mutated beets or radishes! [chuckle] Well, I love your obsessions! We get to see more strange and unusual posts! Go on!

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Purple carrot?.. interesting.. But by just looking at the leaves, I thought for a minute they were some kind of ferns.... cheers! ~ bangchik

Lisa said...

Jason and I ate yellow carrots today! We went to the digger's garden in Dromana and ate at the restaurant there - yellow carrots taste like a variation of orange carrots - not as sweet or as strongly-carrot-tasting, but with a tinge or something else in there.

vuejardin said...

Purple organic carrot, it looks gorgeous in the salad bowl!

Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

I was going to ask you what non-orange carrots taste like! I've only grown the orange varieties. One of my favorites in Thumbelina, as you can grow it in even the most shallow of pots.

prue said...

Chandramouli - obsessions are awesome, but sometimes get in the way of real life! I'll keep posting on obsessions if you keep up the wonderful and unusual flowers in your posts :)

Bangchik and Kakdah - carrot leaves are very pretty. There are two types of purple carrots (one is more purple than the other), and I planted both, however they seemed to look very similar at maturity.

Lisa - yummo! I never knew they had a place to eat there. Must visit. Awesomeness. You have purple/yellow/white carrots in the garden don't you? If not I'll bring seeds when i finally come see it! :)

vuejardin - looked gorgeous and tasted gorgeous.

Fern - everyone tells me to grow thumbelina but they freak me out. They taste good though? How shallow a pot are we talking here (i'm getting ideas inspired by you again!!!) The purple carrots taste pretty much the same as other homegrown carrots, totally way nicer than store bought, and extra carroty.