Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Snappy Dressers - Snapdragons

I have snapdragons on my balcony. Some are in hanging pots while another hides away in a tiny little pot waiting for get the call up to be transplanted elsewhere. They like a bit of colour in their outfits - brilliant reds, nearly neon yellows, crisp whites and sultry maroons. I gave a couple away this year too - to my birthmum (pictured below) and to totally awesome housesitter. I wonder how theirs are going ...

These are mine - random colour combinations but they are flowering brilliantly.

Sometimes I wish I grew them from seed, and that they were the awesome heirloom variety Zach showed me. These are a bit run of the mill but they are still very pretty.

Snapdragons - some people love them, some hate them. What is your opinion?


Anonymous said...

I love them. I love the colors, the scent, the ease with which they grow. Yours look really healthy and happy.

Kirstie Close said...

I love them too. They're beautiful and they have personality! And what a fab name for a flower.
Your poor camera is still having trouble, isn't it. Not good :(

Chandramouli S said...

They look vibrant, Prue!

prue said...

Hi Kirstie - hehe no they are olderish pics, from the other week, think I have the problems with the camera sorted.

Grace - yayay for loving snapdragons.

Chandramouli - do snapdragons from well where you are???

The Itinerant Gardener said...

I also like them, and have fond memories of playing with them as a kid - that orange coloured one with the yellow centre is lovely.