Monday, April 27, 2009

Simultaneous baked bean indulgences

I thought for a moment over the weekend that maybe, just maybe everyone household in Melbourne has eaten baked beans for breakfast, but I guess the strong winds really were just the vengeance of mother nature. The balcony garden was blown all over its 2nd storey home, with stakes the only things holding the sunflowers in place. Indeed, when I walked to the markets I noticed a very particular sunflower petal 200 metres down the road. It looked like it belonged to my wind battered friend but surely it couldn't have flown this far intact!?! Lying a metre away from it was a petal from a very red geranium, the same kind from the balcony garden, and a very unsual one at that. Maybe the wind did carry the poor petals all this way! It was reallllllllllllllllly strong.

Luckily today it has died down, and I managed to get outside to check on the carnage. I thought to my horror 'oh my god one of the basil pots has blown away'!!! It seemed unlikely but maybe the oversized basil elaves had acted as wings and lifted the pot off the ground, sending ot soaring into the stratosphere. Shows i'm having memory problems, because I realised, after a bout of panic (thinking that said pot may have blown a pedestrian unconscious anywhere between my place and Geelong) that we had indulged in pesto pasta last night, and the aforementioned wandering basil was long past being digested. Oooopsss. It's getting frosty and the basil is on its way out, hence the pesto. As for the memory lapse ...

So looks like with this early very cold weather the last of the tomatoes are going to have to be picked also, let's hope I can ripen them inside. That and I have one more large pot of basil which will make some nice freezer destined pesto. The other upside ... it is now time for a late autumn planting! More beetroot, carrots and snow peas, here we come!!!


Lisa said...

Oh no! Does that mean that I need to pick my tomatoes too????

prue said...

Lisa - probably soon, though hold one while you still can