Thursday, April 23, 2009

Strawberry Delight

This way to the strawberry patch. Well when I say patch I really mean two, in a pot, in my window. They started off very small sometime last September when, on a whim, i purchased two Lowanna strawberry seedlings and decided they were just the thing for a window box for a few months.

Well a few months turned into many more months and these things are fantastic. I wonder how many strawberries they have produced over those months??? - time for the berry mathematics.
So they usually produce about 3 fruit between them each week. Doesn't sound like a lot.

Times that by the 30 or so weeks between October and now (of course they didn't fruit in the first month)

That's 90 strawberries! Wow, how many punnets would that be? Ok enough maths. And they show no signs of stopping. At one point I threatened to pull them out, they were in the way of my indoor tomato plant plans. But a severely wilted tomato and a persistent strawberry meant they stayed, and boy did they thrive. Keep up the good work little strawberries, and then I can keep enjoying my TV watching impromptu snack, straight from the plant itself (ode to indoor plants)


keewee said...

Just enough strawberries to top a scoop of ice cream once a week.

Chandramouli S said...

Wow, tough ones, aren't they, Prue? Good for you!

Michelle said...

With a pretty flower and delicious fruit, I think they have earned a permanent spot on the balcony! Are the flowers pink?

Dan said...

Those are some productive strawberries. I was just cleaning out one of the perennial beds and found a strawberry plant. It must have come from bird poop because I didn't plant it. I am going to pot it up and see what it does. It would be cool if it is as productive as yours.