Monday, April 20, 2009

One last Easter Post

There is still chocolate in the fridge so I am of the mindset that it is still ok to talk about Easter goings on. And I really wanted to put this picture of my father on a tractor somewhere public!!!

My Easter break consisted of wine, food, food, food, wine, food, wine ... ok so you get the gist. It was a family affair, my parents visiting from Adelaide and wandering down the coast with myself in tow to my Aunt and Uncle's place which has already been shown in previous posts. One Saturday lunch we ventured to this winery/restaurant called Ten Minutes By Tractor.

Supposedly it was top notch and had been oft spruiked by the 'weekend beachhouse set' of this side of the Mornington Peninsula. It didn't disappoint, the food was divine, if a little hearty for a Saturday lunch. I have no pictures of the food alas, for this isn't really a food blog and I am way too embarassed to get the camera out in a restaurant yet. Still I went for a wander outside in the gardens and snapped a few lovely shots. The view was pretty spectacular as the restaurant looked out over the vineyards and the day was chilly but clear.

There was also this spectacular tree in the carpark!

Ten Minutes By Tractor is a lovely place to eat and relax in amongst good wine, food and company. However, you probably want to book well in advance, even in this economic climate, and perhaps consider selling your first born to cover the bill! Luckily for me my parents were over, and the spoiling of the first born was the order of the day, rather than selling!


Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun. I'm glad you weren't sold. :)

Kirstie Close said...

ten mins by tractor looks gorgeous! great pic of your dad too. gotta love a good tractor.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

That tree is really gorgeous! Have fun...... ~ bangchik

Michelle said...

Is that an old apple tree in the photo before the car park tree?

Sounds like you had a delicious Easter break.

prue said...

Grace - twas fun! Don't think the folks would get much for me, bit past my prime hehe

Kirstie - i know! embarassing parental photos are the best

Bangchik - sure was, and was bigger than it looks in the photo

Michelle - I have no idea, i didn't take much notice - but i'll ask to the folks if they remember