Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Look who came out to play again

Back in January Mum's volunteer sunflower flowered. It was stunning, and inspired me to plant a sunflower on the balcony. I wondered whether it was possible, but Fern from Life on the Balcony assured me that it was certainly possible and definitely enjoyable. I planted out a few seeds, hoping one would germinate. Low and behold they all did.

So i kept two for the balcony garden and gave the others away. I know that one has grown a head in one friend's garden while the other two should be growing nicely. The two in my garden are at very different stages. One is about to form a head, a single, lovely, head.

The other, well he is a bit of a mutant. He had one, then three, then seven and now 9 possible heads, about three of which are on top of the main stem.

Late last week one of the heads began to grow, the promise of tiny petals poking through.

Each day since he has opened up a little more, unfurling to show me his yellow mottled with burnt sienna centre. I always loved the burnt sienna crayon, now I get to have it in flower! Awesomeness.

And then today, he reached the pinnacle, he looked like this.

And you can see him from the other side of the street! What a stunner! I had to stake them both during very high winds last week and I think with the promise of continued blustery conditions I may just keep them that way. Now to wait for the other 8 heads to open and see what he looks like in all his glory.



I enjoy your blog,thank you for creating it. I just started my own website and blog. Have a great day!

Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

I love how you took a photo every day. What variety of sunflower is that? I like the two-tone petals.

Chandramouli S said...

Sunflowers are my favorite summer annuals. I love that beautiful shade of yours. The best thing about this is that it is so easy to germinate and grow. I hope my sunflowers this year attract few wildlife.

MiMi said...

These photos are so neat!