Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It's a showery kind of day today and I am spending most of it teaching, making it a very indoorsy sort of day. Therefore this is going to be a very indoorsy sort of post as I aim to focus on the few cacti and succulents that exist inside my house. One of my earliest posts dealt with one of my first ever house plants, a cactus fondly named Mr Floppy. Mr Floppy got a bit big for himself and got the chop sometime later. He has grown again and continues to flop a little, but never quite the same as before.

Other cacti inside include a little collection, which I gave to my housemate way back when she lived somewhere else (to brighten up her window sill) It now brightens up our window, but I will be sad when she moves and takes this little collection with her. May just have to invest in one of my own (from the Cactus man at the Vic Markets, he is a legend in his own boots).

We have this succulent, pictured earlier behind Mr Floppy that has now grown towards the sun and sunk some form of roots into Mr Floppy's pot! Mr Floppy has a stalker perhaps, or at least an admirer, or at worst a potential parasitic bunny boiler. Either way it is a pretty cool succulent. Next to it is the one pictured below, a sprawling mini cacti.

I love my little Cactusland - they represent some of the earliest balcony garden collections. Let's see what more can be added over the next few years!


Kirstie Close said...

potential parasitic bunny boiler... hehehe classic. poor mr floppy.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Nice collection of cactus.... We used to have them years ago... Cactus are very cute and nice... almost cuddly if not for the thorns.. cheers! ~ bangchik