Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gone Strawberry Gone

The strawberries, alas, are no longer. They seemed to be rotting before they were ripening and were one of the most thrip affected plants so the other day I ripped them out. In their place will be some lettuce and silverbeet. But before the greenery takes hold I thought I might take a trip down strawberry memory lane. These, as blog followers might know, were originally an indoor plant. It faced early eviction due to a spider mite problem, but seemed to survive just fine in this post.

They even enjoyed the inhabitation of the original lego house in this post.

They did seem to flower quite consistently, and their pink petals were a real treat.

But all good things must come to an end, and I had some tasty plans for the last ripe strawberries that weren't rotton.

They went into my morning fruit salad! YUM.


Kalena Michele said...

cute lego houses!

prue said...

Kalena Michele - they've grown a bit since then! 2 stories, a pool, a guy who sells hotdogs on the balcony ...