Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One cucumber is not like the others

When I tell me friends I am growing lesbian cucumbers they just think I have a speech impediment and correct me by saying Lebanese Cucumbers. I then correct them saying no I actually am not too fond of lebanese cucumbers and do indeed have lesbian cucumbers growing on the balcony, as they are cucumbers that seem intent on only producing female flowers. Yet the cucumber saga has taken a very odd turn. I do believe that I have a cucumber growing!

See the above picture is proof (and it has grown even more in the last few days.) The one next to it died and dropped off but this one kept on growing. It is about the length of my hand now. The thing is these lovelies have not had a male cucumber flower since the one I saw in the first few weeks of their life and that seems like the dark ages. Now I am beginning to think maybe that male flower was merely a dream and these are actually parthenocarpic cucumbers that Daphne mentioned which only have female flowers. If not how else would this cuke form? All a little crazy but hopefully tasty.


Dizzy said...

Congratulations! I am just starting to grow my own vegies. Is it normal for cucumbers to have the lumps on them?

prue said...

Dizzy, yep most have bumps, some types more so than others and you can just brush them/cut them off when you pick them. Best of luck with all your veggies, I am sure they will provide you with many tasty meals.

Dan said...

I would guess it is one of those female cucumbers. Never grown one of them before but the whole seedless thing sounds nice.