Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Christmas Cheese Platter

I trust everyone survived the hectic whirl that is Christmas. I got to spend two days of it with my rellies in Gisborne. On Christmas Day we enjoyed an amazing and mostly traditional meal, though I did chime in with the cheese platter. It was a bit awesome if I do saw so myself! Tomatoes from the balcony garden, a camembert, a brie, a roquefort I requitioned from other purposes but vow to replace, a trio of firm cheeses which included red leicester, pear paste, two kinds of biscuits and some red currants for Christmas cheer.

All involved loved it! Oh and I am not too keen on photographing myself on this blog, but for Mum's sake I couldn't help but include this pic. This Christmas I proved to everyone that I am a little less scared of babies that I first thought, because I got the task of calming down santa's littlest helper on the day (I think he was trying to eat my shoulder at that point and despite the obstacles he faced in my odd body shape he seemed content.)


Kalena Michele said...

I've got to learn how to put together a good cheese platter. That's another thing I haven't done yet. lol What's wonderful is that you got to add a personal touch with your own home grown tomatoes. What's the first thing I need to know about making a good cheese spread?

prue said...

Kalena Michele - Cheese platters are so much fun because you get to put whatever you feel like on there (provided there is cheese). My advice is to get to know your cheese seller and buy a selection! :) Better still sample them in the shop. I always have one soft cheese (like a brie or camembert) one blue and one 'other' then anything else is a bonus! Something fruity also balances with the cheese well. I am a bit lucky though because I live right near the Vic Markets so there is a huge selection of cheese sellers and cheeses and some do 3 for $10!!!