Monday, December 14, 2009

Harvest Monday Tomatorama

Apologies for the poor photography, my camera is being most unhelpful of late and is probably adding to the slight lag in blogging, but even fault euipment wont stop me today. Here is this week's harvest post and again it only means one thing - tomatoes!

Tigerellas, tumbler red and yellow cherries and one lone black russian that is cracked and ripening off the wilted vine.

Actually I have noticed a real problem with the blakc russians cracking this year, as I pulled another two from the vine with similar large cracks. Probably due to the large but intermittent rainfalls we have had this year. Last year they didn't crack because we didn't get any rain (if that was the only other choice I'd prefer cracked tomatoes and rain thank you very much) I gave a handful to my neighbours last night in an act of mildly inebriated kindness. They loved them!

If only the zucchini and cucumbers would co ordinate their flowering a little better, the boys and girls are still too shy to be seen on the bush at the same time. I certainly can't wait to harvest more yummy full-sized yellow zukes and to harvest my first cucumber. For more fun harvests head on over to Daphne's Dandelions.


Kalena Michele said...

YAY! Look at those tomatoes :) That's awesome, Prue! Dan has this widget on his blog that lets you count tomatoes. Maybe you should look into it.

Jamie said...

Nice tomatoes, Prue. I like the look of the Black Russians. It's probably not the rain making them split – they're probably just bursting with flavour!

Daphne said...

Beautiful tomatoes. I'm drooling on my keyboard.

I often get the same issue with zucchini. I've found they don't like to put out male and female blossoms at the same time. It is the reason I always grow two and never just one zucchini. So I never have too little zucchini, but always too much. But you are much more space challenged than I am. You might want to look into parthenocarpic cukes. They set without pollination.

Michelle said...

Oh it's so nice to see a tomato harvest! And enough to share also... Lucky neighbors.

prue said...

Kalena Michele - hehe i know his widget, but I am a little more oldschool with my tallies, an excel spreadsheet with colour coding. :)

Jamie - Black Russians are quite smokey in flavour, love them. Hehehe and I think you might be right, they are so full of flavour. :)

Daphne - hehe thanks for the advice on the zucchini and cucumbers. I'll look out for the special cucumbers (I do have two planted, 3 originally but the snails took care of the last one) I want to plant another zucchini but just cant bring myself to discard the purple sprouting broccoli to make space.

Michelle - hehe they didn't get too many, and mostly the small ones but it is always nice to share.