Thursday, December 24, 2009

Succulent Presents

We are doing a Kris Kringle (a sort of secret santa) this Christmas with all my relatives. It helps me greatly because I am a bit cash strapped and buying pressies for everyone (or making them which is usually the case) can get quite expensive. I got one of the easier rellies to get a pressie for, and it was a tad lucky because I had already made part of her pressie a while back, an apron. Don't worry she won't find out, she has two small children so has little time for the internet. :)

However, despite the one present clause the other rellies are getting a little something extra from me this year and it didn't cost a cent. Two of the succulents had babies, lots of babies actually.


I potted them up using leftover pots and some special succulent potting mix I bought with my nursery voucher (also hidden in this picture is a pressie for Miss L, 3 sunflowers germinated, just for her, although you can only really count two thanks to my awesomely bad photography!)

Here they are all wrapped and ready to head north for the night.

I hope everyone has a wonderful christmas!


Kalena Michele said...

What a great idea! If it weren't so cold, I would certainly give plants as gifts this Christmas. For many of my coworkers I sent cards and a few got cookies. My "rellies" (awesome word) are also getting baked goods this year. I love baking although it doesn't always help with my figure lol. Have a wonderful Christmas, Prue!

Grace Peterson said...

Hi Prue~~ I love these little baby succulents. Your recipients will be very happy. A Merry Christmas to you too!

Dan said...

I'd love some succulent gifts, great idea. Happy Holidays Prue!

Julie said...

Hi! Just wanted to say how much I love your succulent gifts! I think they are so attractive... no one can be anything but so happy to recieve them!!! Your blog title pic is so adorable as well!

Merry Christmas!

Ottawa Gardener said...

Nice gifts and Happy Holidays to you too!

prue said...

Hi Kalena Michele - Oooh cookies and cards, lucky coworkers! I usually bake and make Jam for christmas but ran out of time this year. Figure schmigure, mine went years ago and refuses to come back :) Hope you had a lovely Christmas

Hi Grace - they did love the succulents! I'd send them your way but they are scared of flying. Merry Christmas

Dan - hehe if only I could send them! Hope you had a lovely Christmas

Julie - thanks for the kind words! Hope you had a merry Christmas too.

Ottawa Gardener - thanks and merry christmas to you too!

Bren said...

These are wonderful gifts... I wish I was on your 'good' list this year!
Thanks for sharing your wonderful garden thoughts!
Can't wait to see what you share in the new year.