Friday, November 27, 2009

More Rain (sort of)

I am a bit obsessed about rain lately. Probably because of the lovely but atypical falls we have been experiencing. Gavin, over at the Greening of Gavin, has some great points to make about it. Looks like we will get more tonight. Sadly though only 5.6 mms dropped in the city, none overnight, and when I popped out to the Balcony Garden a little while ago I realised that I actually did need to water some of the tomato plants (who were wilting in the lack of water way.) Luckily with all this rain the water saving in the household has been a cinch so they were happily watered and look much healthier already.

In other news I recently receded back into my jigsaw puzzle habit. Ironically this one was entitled 'Raining Cats and Dogs'!

Love it!

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Funkbunny said...

I;m completely obsessed about the rain too! I keep checking the stats on Looks liek we might get a bit of a downpour tobnight and tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed!!