Friday, December 18, 2009

Chili Time

Just as the last of the peppers and other chilies are being reeled in over at Michelle's garden (I have been in awe of her harvests of the hotter stuff for months) mine are beginning to hit spring bloom. The thai red chili, which produces tiny but quite hot little numbers is back for its third year and there I thought it would only ever be an annual. It actually fruited up to about September so it really hasn't had a huge break in between. Now it is laden with green leaves, flowers, and a few new green chilies just waiting to colour up.

New this year was a habanero, first posted about here and a slow starter. Now it really has taken off and is a similar mass of green leaves, flowers and tiny, tiny, tiny green habaneros.

Can't wait to cook with the first ones, the habaneros, well, I'll need a bit more time and bravado for that!


Kalena Michele said...

I heart a good chili. Share your recipe when you get a chance. Looks like your patio is doing well! One day, if I ever make it to Australia, I'd love to see it.

Michelle said...

Those Thai chilis just won't die! Mine produced for the third year but I didn't harvest any due to chili overload and I still have bunches of dried ones from last year. It's a matter of curiosity now - will it survive yet another winter?

prue said...

Kalena - you are more than welcome to visit the Balcony Garden anytime! :) Even if it does take a million hour long flight. Chili is good, particularly in stir fries and mexican dishes! Yum, ok now getting hungry just writing the comment.

Michelle - hehe they won't. I did buy them from a great nursery and I only bought them because they looked so healthy, very glad I did now. Maybe they will never die (not complaining) You had so many varieties I was very impressed. Hope yours survive another winter! Fingers and toes crossed.