Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Voila Viola

Orsino: If this be so, as yet the glass seems true,
I shall have share in this most happy wrack.
[To Viola] Boy, thou hast said to me a
thousand times
Thou never shouldst love woman like to me.

Viola: And all those sayings will I overswear,
And all those swearings keep as true in soul
As doth that orbèd continent the fire
That severs day from night.

Orsino: Give me thy hand,
And let me see thee in thy woman’s weeds.

Okkkk so not really a Shakespearian Viola ... it is not Twlfth Night in the Balcony Garden. This post is about another happy snap (or three) from my dazed post-birthday Balcony Garden wander on Monday. I was deadheading the snapdragons which were well past their prime but had promise of new buds and new flowers (despite the aphid infestation which is clearly visible in the pics). Around the snappy snapdragons many months ago I had planted a few Viola seeds (Johnny Jumpup) and some pansy seeds in the other hanging basket. The pansies grew big leaves though have, as yet, produced no flowers. I had given up hope on the violas, given that I could barely see any leaves poking out from underneath the space-happy snapdragons. But low and behold, despite the blurry photography, this is what I found.

I just love surprises! If music be the food of love ... play on (Ok I know that was Orsino also, but still, surprises make me happy and gushy and food and love and music and, oh it is going to be a good day!)

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Drea said...

Beautiful suprises! I can't wait to get my garden growing so I can get some pretty and/or yummy suprises. :P