Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lemon Tree Sublime

The humble lemon tree, seems like every second garden has one. The balcony garden has one, a gift from a friend who was upgrading to a newer, tastier model. In the beginning it looked like this.

We managed to get one lemon from it last year, which was put to good use in a salad if I remember correctly. Since them it has bloomed profusely, I can't recall a month where it didn't have at least one lovely flower on it.

It even has four or five fruit on it, all quite green

Except for this one, he is turning a appetising shade of yellow (except for the icky patch on his side)
Problem is I have found on the balcony garden, given the relative lack of growing things nearby, that all manner of bugs like to congregate on my plants. The lemon tree is no exception suffering from aphid attack like all the others. However I found something a little scarier the other day, some tiny eggs, with holes, so it looks like something has hatched. What could it be and what are the chances it is going to wreak havoc on my little citrus???


Dan said...

That is cool that your tree is setting so much fruit. My tree still has the one fruit that has been on since last summer. I have no idea if it is ready or not but it is still holding on and not growing. Maybe I should pick it. I hope the eggs don't turn out to be anything bad.

Drea said...

Oh no! Save the tree. Seriously. I can't wait to here updates what the villains are and how you get rid of them.

Grace Peterson said...

Hi Prue~~ Bugs are bad enough on ornamentals but when they show up on edibles it becomes a scarier issue. However I'm sure there is some kind of low (or hopefully NO) toxicity you can apply. Maybe a nearby nursery can help you out.

I bet the lemon blossoms smell heavenly. Good luck. d

Chandramouli S said...

Wow! I never knew you can grow lemon in pots! I'm gonna try it too. Join the group about gardening in really small space. Bugs are a real pain when gardening in a cramped space and when you have too many plants! I see that my plants are constantly attacked by one bug or another. I hope those eggs didn't hatch very mean ones...