Sunday, June 14, 2009

Putting the pieces together.

So most of the time I am studying, working, on the balcony in the garden or spending time with friends. In the odd few seconds between these things I do jigsaw puzzles. I love them, but they can't just be any jigsaw puzzle. None of those polar bear in a snow storm thingos where there are no edge pieces and they've added ten extra bits to the box. These need to be a pretty picture, and something that is just hard enough to be a challenge but easy enough for me not to get fed up or frustrated. When I want frustration I write my thesis, end of story. Usually they have flowers or gardens, and often churches or houses. I know it is wierd, and possibly old fashioned but it is a great hobby for keeping the mind active. (As if it isn't active enough already!!!!)

Jigsaws bought in the shop are not cheap. A good twenty to thirty dollars for a decent 1000 piece one. This is something which clearly doesn't fit into my student budget (although I seem to justify the obscene costs of the balcony garden far more easily). However a good place to look for a bargain puzzle is op shops. You have to be careful with these, original wrapping is a must otherwise you'll find yourself 50 pieces short and wondering why the skyline has holes. Remarkably enough it is fairly easy to find puzzles still in their original wrapping! I guess not everyone shares this interest. Borrowing them off friends and relatives is a good way too, although the missing pieces saga can often occur here also. The best one I did in ages I borrowed off my cousin, a kind of 'Where's Wally' scene of London complete with a skeleton riding the red double decker bus and Mary Poppins! Love it, might have to do it again and take a piccie for you all.

I also have great friends and rellies who know my sad interests well. For my birthday I got many lovely things, cookbooks, plants, earings, and these flowers pictured below which filled my living room for a week with their loveliness.

I also got another new jigsaw, which meant I had to hurriedly finish the one I was currently doing (I had also stopped at the op shop on the way, as it was over the road from the pub, and found myself another awesome puzzle there too in its original wrapping! ooops) So in order to dive into these lovely new ones I had to finish the old one. Which I did. et voila!

So now onto the Geisha, then after that a tropical jungle scene.


vuejardin said...

How about garden puzzle with lots of beautiful flowers and plants? When you finish the puzzle, it would be nice to frame it for decoration.

Blossom said...

wow ... what an achievement when you completed the puzzle. Such hard work and fun, too!

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

I like the idea of a puzzle w/gorgeous flower blooms, one that you can frame later. Happy birthday, to you, as well!

Charlotte said...

Hey, just love this blog! Will keep reading it.

AJSR said...

I say, be yourself! Who cares if doing jigsaw puzzles is not fashionable, as long as it makes you happy. I have all kinds of non-chic hobbies, and if I worried about what my uptight trend-following peers thought, I'd become miserable like them!

Kalena Michele said...

Jigsaw puzzles...I haven't done those in years! Awesome.

prue said...

Hi All - wow a quick post about puzzles sure brought out the comments! I love it.

Vuejardin, I do have a few garden puzzles, none framed though.

Blossom, hehe hard work yes, and fun yes too!

Jan - framing hasn't happened yet. Maybe when i do a 5000 piece one it will be worthy of a fixative and a frame.

Charlotte - Glad you like it and glad you will keep reading :)

AJSR, hehe it's good to be individual, until it gets to being trendy to be individual, then I am not sure what to do! Puzzles are definitely not something my friends admit to liking, although a fair amount of them like to have a go at them when they come over to my place!

Kalena - maybe it's time to get one out, dust it off and have a go, then again finding time in today's society is somewhat difficult