Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A spot of dinner

A late dinner for a long weekend led to snipping bits from the garden in order to scrape together something divine.

It was 8pm, not good for a school night to just be getting home and contemplating food but as Monday was a public holiday (Queen's birthday) the lateness was not too bad, except that we were both realllllllllly hungry. But what on earth could I cook? It had to be gluten free for starters. I hadn't been to the markets in ages and the cupboards and fridge were quite bare save for random purchases. Luckily the freezer was, as usual, stocked with chicken, and there was some rice in the pantry - risotto it was. But a plain chicken risotto, even with salad, would be kind of bland.

So I bit the bullet, and broke off the tiny head of broccoli.

It was delicious in the risotto and you can really taste the difference. Next up was to add some silverbeet, a few leaves from these little guys who have grown a bit more since I moved them to s slightly sunnier spot on the balcony.

Again more yumminess. And to top it all off I added one finely chopped snow pea to the salad.

I found it sweet and crunchy and divine. Hurricane J never managed to find the snow pea in the midst of the salad so alas a second opinion is not available. But overall it was a lovely, quickly put together meal. Just another reason why I love my balcony garden - it can help with the feeding of the masses, or just of the two, at the last minute.


Drea said...

sounds so yummy!

Matron said...

Just amazing to grow stuff in such a small space. Well done - and enjoy that broccoli!

Chandramouli S said...

Wow! Home-grown veggies are always extra yummy, aren't they!

prue said...

Hi Drea - it was, and simple too, got to love risotto!

Matron - I did enjoy it! thanks. Wait till next summer's tomato plans go through and then it will be a lot of growing in a small space :)

Chandramouli - they are, especially when shared with friends (cue the second balcony garden dinner party in a few days)

Kalena Michele said...

That's wonderful! I know it hurt to harvest your broccoli early, but I know it was worth it when you tasted it. The very first salad that I made fresh from my garden with mixed lettuces, arugula, and basil tossed with organic sauteed chicken and feta was sooooo GOOD! I could actually taste the Romaine and the arugula was perfect. Keep it up! You're inspiring!

Dan said...

Sounds like a nice meal. Nothing is better then eating what you have grown. I can't wait to harvest some peas and make pea risotto.