Friday, June 19, 2009

Dinner Party by the Balcony

Last Friday I had a dinner party. I haven't really posted on it yet because it didn't involve the balcony garden too much. A bit of rosemary in the pie was about it actually!

However, each time I look at the photos I cannot help but drool at the dessert. Double chocolate mousse, which also had chocolate flakes on top, and homemade vanilla bean icecream. Hurricane J also had blue cheese with his but that is another story altogether!

Oh and they also had one of these each on top! (except Miss J due to allergies)

Now for the next Balcony Garden Dinner party, where each dish has to have something from the garden in it!


Kalena Michele said...

Glad your dinner party went well! Looks like things were really delicious! Maybe I'll post about my next dinner party featuring my harvest. Good job!

Sandy said...

Thank you for sharing Prue. Balcony dinner party is a good idea. I should give it a try too :)

Dan said...

The double chocolate mousse looks amazing! Thanks for sending the radish recipe by the way. I will give it a try once the tomatoes start turning.